Vets Saving Endangered Animals in the Wild

Wildlife Vets International was created to provide the veterinary support and skills to conservationists saving endangered species. We believe that training key people in conservation medicine will contribute to sustainable, long-term solutions for saving wild animals and the people with whom they share their world.

Latest News

Big cat vet heads to Russian Far East

Dr John Lewis to catch up with the latest in Amur leopard and tiger conservation. So, not exactly field work but a series of...

Current Project

Pine Marten Recovery Programme

The pine marten was once the second most common carnivore in the British Isles. Yet a hundred years ago their numbers..

New Supporter

Rebecca Black joins WVI

We are so pleased to welcome Rebecca Black as our new celebrity Wildlife Vets International supporter! She is helping us to share our message that veterinary medicine is vital...

Saving some of the planet’s rarest creatures from extinctions needs expert help, and WVI can supply that when and where it’s needed.

Steve Leonard, Veterinary Surgeon and TV Presenter


Generous individuals and organisations whose ongoing support, financial, moral and in kind, enables WVI to deliver our conservation objectives.