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Your donations help save endangered species

Single & Monthly donations

When you make a donation to WVI, you are joining a community that go out of their way to safeguard endangered species against extinction from disease.

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Make a Donation by Cheque

Please make it payable to Wildlife Vets International and send to:

Wildlife Vets International Station House
Parkwood Street
West Yorkshire
BD 21 4NQ

Please include a Gift Aid form.

Become a Fundraiser, Run a Fundraising Event or Support a Fundraiser

Bake cakes, knit tigers, sell jam, run a marathon, jump out of a plane, swim the channel – sensible and mad ideas for raising money to support WVI projects are all accepted and support (as long as they are safe). Support begins with ideas – see our get involved page and news items. JustGiving and My Donate make it easy to collect sponsorship and GiftAid, and we can provide bespoke sponsorship forms.

Support begins with ideas – see our get involved page and news items. JustGiving and My Donate make it easy to collect sponsorship and GiftAid, and we can provide bespoke sponsorship forms.

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Leave a Legacy

What better way to leave a legacy for the planet than by helping us perpetuate some of the most stunning creatures on earth. Please click here for more information or contact us for a legacy pack.

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Where your money goes

  • £5 will buy a pack of sterile swabs for treatment of wounds in the field
  • £13.50 will pay for a haematology test to determine level of infection
  • £15 is the cost of each dart used to anaesthetise the tigers, leopards and painted dogs from a safe distance
  • £20 will provide needles to vaccinate 100 domestic dogs against rabies, distemper and parvo virus
  • £20 will vaccinate one domestic dog protecting African painted dogs against rabies, distemper and canineparvovius
  • £20 will test one blood sample for distemper
  • £22 will anaesthetise a 50kg Amur leopard
  • £35 will pay for an ear, nose and throat diagnostic kit for field vets
  • £42 will anaesthetise a 200kg Amur tiger
  • £80 a bottle of sedative
  • £80 will test one blood sample for distemper, Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), Feline infections peritonitis (FIP), Feline leukemia (FeLV) and toxoplasma. All Amur leopard and tiger samples are submitted for testing.
  • £120 will provide a general surgery kit for a field vet
  • £150 a battery driven field microhematocrit centrifuge (to test anaemia before surgery)
  • £500 will provide a day's training by an expert field vet
  • £920 is the cost of a London - Moscow - Vladivostok return flight.
  • £1000 will provide a gas and air field anaesthesia kit for one project
  • £1200 will fly a vet out to Zimbabwe for the African painted dog project.
  • £25000 is the annual cost of the Amur Leopard and Tiger project

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