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Cold Water Challenge

Immerse yourself in cold water for 30-seconds

Cold Water Challenge

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Immerse yourself in cold water for 30-seconds. Make it a regular thing, or just a brave one-off. The choice is yours! The more often you do it, the bigger the potential benefits, and the more funds you could raise.

Why not nominate 3 friends to take up the challenge with you? Alternatively, they can choose to opt out and sponsor you instead.

DISCLAIMER: By signing up you consent to take part in the Cold Water Challenge entirely at your own risk and confirm that you have read all the FAQs and in particular the health & safety advice.

Before entering please make sure you have read the instructions and guidelines below and have all your images and captions ready to upload  

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What will your challenge be?

Are you brave enough to turn your taps to cold and add 30 seconds of cold water to the end of your shower, or join top athletes and Joe Wicks by having an ice bath… or simply dust down that paddling pool in the garage?

Maybe you’ve got a local lido you’ve always been meaning to visit, or you could even consider joining a group of courageous wild swimmers. 

If all else fails ….. fill your wheelie bin from the cold tap (wash it out first 😉).

Choose the best option or combination for you. Above all, keep safe and read the advice below, particularly if you are wild swimming.

How do I get started? 

It's simple! Having decided what your challenge will be (see above), read the health and safety advice Health and Safety Advice and sign up here (the important legal bit).

Then set up a JustGiving page pledging to fundraise (we suggest a minimum of £100) and share your daring challenge with your family and friends. Post a photo of you preparing, building up to and/or doing the challenge across social media, with a link to your fundraising page. 

The more times you do it, the more funds you are likely to raise. 

Perhaps they will sponsor you more if you add something tigery to your challenge – a pair of tiger striped briefs or fluffy tiger ears? 

Join our Wildlife Warrior Facebook Group and connect with like-minded people for encouragement.

How to Stay Safe?

Whatever you decide, whether taking cold showers at home or venturing outside, it is vital you stay safe during your challenge.

This challenge is entirely at your own risk, so please assess your ability and safety before you participate. WVI shall not be liable for any injury, damage or loss to you or your property that might occur as a result of your participation.

Let someone know when you are undertaking your challenge, so they are on standby if you need help. Can you recruit one or several friends to join you, so you are never alone? It is always better to go with a friend, and easier to get into cold water together.

Anything involving getting into cold-water comes with risks. It is important you consult a health professional to fully understand these.  

AFTERWARDS it is vital that you warm up gradually, dry yourself and change into warm clothes. Enjoy a warm drink and eat some yummy cake as a reward. Return to somewhere warm ASAP.

Advice on open water swimming
There are many online resources which provide advice on entering open water. Please find a number of trusted resources below. You must take responsibility for your own safety and ensure that you comply with all guidance when dipping in open water. Your safety is the number one priority, so if you have any concerns, please do not enter the water. There are many ways that the challenge can be completed without entering open water (see above).

https://rnli.org/safety/choose-your-activity/open-water-swimming#(link is external)
https://www.outdoorswimmingsociety.com/tips-on-winter-swimming/(link is external)

What are the benefits of cold-water immersion?

There are loads of reasons to get involved in our Cold Water Challenge and the potential benefit to your health is just (an important) one. Improve your wellbeing and raise funds to improve the wellbeing of endangered species. Some of the effects you can expect:

• Stronger immune system
• Boost your energy levels
• Better circulation and flexible, healthy veins
• No more cold hands and feet! (our Exec Director Olivia can testify to no cold hands after running through many cold puddles!)
• Increased metabolism so easier to lose weight
• Natural, healthy glow for your skin and hair
• Increased mental resilience
• Better physical performance and faster recovery. 
• Feel alive!

Get involved, feel better and know you have helped the health of wildlife too.

What difference will my money make?

Getting veterin​ary expertise to the conservation frontline is a vital part of saving species from extinction. WVI is a world-renowned partner, working with a wide variety of conservation organisations.

By taking part in this fundraising challenge, you will be helping WVI to respond quickly to training needs, research opportunities and clinical queries, often directly saving the lives of endangered animals. You will be helping to provide a steady, long-term exchange of knowledge and skills so wildlife can survive and thrive.

We cannot do this without the help of animal lovers like you, who truly care about our planet and its future.

With the match funding we have secured for this Cold Water Challenge, your fundraising efforts will have twice the impact, as every penny you raise will be doubled. We want you to unleash your inner tiger and join us in taking the plunge for wildlife.

Join the Wildlife Warrior Facebook community 

Get motivation and fundraising support from others taking part. We will be sharing our challenge stories on our Wildlife Warriors Facebook Group and would love to see your photos or videos of you completing your challenge.

Just imagine the scene across the world... as wildlife lovers “unleash their inner tigers” and take the Cold Water Challenge in March.

Is there a minimum sponsorship fee?

There isn’t a minimum, but we are looking for 50 people to each raise £100 to match the £5000 kindly pledged by the Metamorphosis Foundation.

So if you raise £100, a total of £200 plus gift aid will help us get urgent veterinary help to those working on the conservation frontline so wildlife can survive and thrive.

How long should I spend in the water? 

The challenge is one 30 second immersion in cold water but you can do as many immersions as you like. Please take the challenge in a way that is appropriate to your experience and read our safety tips.

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