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Would you like to help us raise some money for our projects? field?

There are lots of ways you and your friends could do this. Some ideas are:

Adopt a Tiger

Why not ask you parents if they will let you adopt a tiger for your next birthday or Christmas present? We will be happy to send them all the details, along with your special adoption pack. Remember us if you are looking for a present for a friends birthday too.

Take part in International Tiger Day on the 29th of July

Have a party or disco and invite people to come along in tiger costumes and make a small donation.

Have a Teddy and Tigers picnic.

How about organising a picnic with your friends? You could provide food and games for a small donation.

Organise a talent show

Give your friends an opportunity to perform in front of family and friends whilst charging a ticket fee.

Give up something you love for a week (or longer!)

Sponsored breaks are one of the best ways of showing friends and family how determined you are to raise for a good cause.

Hold a Nearly New Sale

If you're a youth club member or after-school club you could sell things perhaps your friends might like.

Have a sponsored walk

You and some friends could go on a long sponsored walk and ask people to support you trough a donation.

Organise a car or dog wash

Organise a car wash with some friends and family whilst asking neighbours if they need their cars cleaned.

Hold a bake sale after school.

Who doesn't love cakes? Get your baking hat on and bake some scrumptious cakes to sell at school and to neighbours.

Hold a movie night

Hold a movie night and charge a small donation as fee. Imagine your very own cinema?

We will be delighted to share pictures of any event you organise to support us.