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Organisations we work with:

WVI provides a service to the conservation community. We work through established in-country partners to train field and government staff in wildlife disease, health surveillance, sample taking, clinical skills and immobilisation of conflict animals.

Our vets help to build in disease surveillance frameworks in to ongoing conservation activities building up a picture of the disease status in an area or species. When not in the field, our vets are in constant contact with our Partners in the Field providing ongoing advice and support. 

Not only do our Conservation Partners carry out disease surveillance and data collection on the ground, but they provide in-country logistical support for our vets and meet their own staffing costs. This provides invaluable matched funding.

Wildlife Vets International is at the forefront of wildlife and conservation medicine. We are able to make significant contributions to global efforts to save endangered species.


The ARCHELON Sea Turtle Rescue Centre takes care of sick and injured sea turtles from across Greece. WVI has helped improve clinical treatment techniques, as well as nutrition and general husbandry. Consequently, turtles are able return to the wild earlier, and more can be treated.

Green Island Foundation

GIF run Denis Island, Seychelles, where WVI translocated 20 Seychelles flycatchers to in 2008. More recently we have surveyed their magpie robins and provided advice on rearing seabirds.

Island Conservation Society

ICS owns and runs Aride Island, one of the finest nature reserves in the Western Indian Ocean. It is here numbers of Seychelles Magpie Robin are falling. WVI is helping to find out why...

JCT - Jivdaya Charitable Trust

JCT rehabilitates birds injured by the glass-coated strings of kites flown in the International Kite Festival, Ahmadabad. WVI has provided veterinary expertise for birds of prey and large water birds.

Marine Conservation Society Seychelles

WVI has provided training, equipment and advice to MCSS’s Turtle and Terrapin Rehabilitation Centre in the Banyan Tree Resort, Seychelles.

Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF)

WVI has provided disease management and training for MWF staff and students in order to increase the populations of critically endangered species from a handful to sustainable numbers.

Nature Seychelles

As the major conservation organisation in the Seychelles and coordinators of the Seychelles Magpie Robin Recovery Team, Nature Seychelles coordinated WVI’s SMR activities.

NTNC - National Trust for Nature Conservation

WVI has been working with Nepal's NTNC to train the lead wildlife vet at the new Wildlife Hospital in Chitwan National Park. We are also supporting research into conflict leopards, which is being carried out in partnership with NTNC.

Painted Dog Conservation

WVI has provided disease management support to PDC where they work in Hwange National Park, giving lasting protection to the painted dogs from diseases introduced from outside the park.


RAKSHA is a small organisation dedicated to wildlife rights and conservation, based in Jaipur, India. WVI has been working with RAKSHA to provide clinical support and training of local vets involved in avian first aid to raptors injured during the annual kite-flying festival to mark Uttarayan.

Russian Academy of Science

The Russian Far East branch is responsible for all research into fauna and flora. They have been one of WVI's partners in the conservation of Amur leopards and tigers.

Sumatran Tiger Health Forum

This is one of the most exciting veterinary developments in tiger conservation in recent years. It is the first comprehensive programme of its type in any tiger range state...

Taman Safari Indonesia

WVI works with TSI's vets to conserve Sumatran tigers and build a network of Indonesian wildlife vets by supporting the Sumatran Tiger Health Forum.

Vincent Wildlife Trust

WVI is providing veterinary advice for disease surveillance and clinical skills for the translocation parts of the Pine Marten Recovery Project, which is run by VWT.


WAPCA works to  protect threatened primates in Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire. WVI is helping WAPCA build capacity in disease surveillance, clinical skills and general husbandry in preparation for the proposed release of captive white-naped mangabeys into community managed forest.

WCS Russia

WVI has trained WCS Russia field biologists in how to safely immobilise Amur tigers and leopard and to gather biomedical data. This enabled the discovery of canine distemper as a threat to tigers.

Conservation Alliance

WVI is part of a coalition of international and Russian NGOs that have pooled resources to conserve Amur leopards and tigers in the wild. Our work in Russia is done under the WildCats umbrella.

Wild Team

As WVI's partners in Bangladesh, we provide advice and training to WildTeam staff and the Bangladesh Forestry Department in capture, immobilisation and release of conflict tigers.

Zoological Society of London

WVI provides advice and expertise on Amur leopard and tiger projects. Until recently ZSL employed the only full time wildlife vet in the Russian Far East, who was  mentored by WVI founder, Dr, John Lewis.

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