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Saving Endangered Species

by sharing veterinary skills and training local staff

Veterinary Expertise

is an ever growing part of successful conservation

Support is Essential

in enabling us to deliver successful conservation

Coming up: A week of painted wolves

Are you ready to be inspired? Learn about family life and our collaboration with Painted Dog Conservation to protect people and wildlife from disease.

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We did it! Thank you to all our donors

We raised nearly £5000 through The Big Give #ChristmasChallenge18. The first £2000 of online donations were doubled thanks to the Gibbings Charitable Trust and The Reed Foundation. Exceeding our target means we can help more dogs - both local and painted.

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Credit: Nicholas Dyer

From dogs to cats.
Thanks to the BBC Dynasties series we get to showcase TWO of the charismatic species we work with.

Please do something special this Christmas and help us provide veterinary support for conservationists saving these species.

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Credit: www.JamesWarrick.co.uk

" Saving some of the planet’s rarest creatures from extinction needs expert help, and WVI can supply that when and where it’s needed. "

Steve Leonard, Veterinary Surgeon and TV Presenter

Vets in the Field

We’re committed to providing the veterinary support essential for conserving and protecting endangered species. Take a look below at a few photos of specialist vets working in the field.