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Credit: Kostas Papafitsoros

Training Vets. Saving Turtles.

Every year 1,000s of turtles eat and get caught in plastic debris. We’re training more vets to save lives of more turtles.

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Vets Saving Endangered Animals in the Wild

Wildlife Vets International provides the veterinary support and skills to conservationists saving endangered species. Training key people in conservation medicine will contribute to sustainable, long-term solutions for saving wild animals.

" Saving some of the planet’s rarest creatures from extinction needs expert help, and WVI can supply that when and where it’s needed. "

Steve Leonard, Veterinary Surgeon and TV Presenter

Vets in the Field

We’re committed to providing the veterinary support essential for conserving and protecting endangered species. Take a look below at a few photos of specialist vets working in the field.