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Could Your Photos Help to Save a Species?

Could Your Photos Helpto Save a Species?

Announcing the launch of a brand-new Wildlife Photography Competition, called Stories of Survival. The idea behind the competition is to move beyond images that simply amaze and inspire us, and use participants’ skills to highlight the challenges so many of our species face.

To achieve this,we are asking that each image be accompanied by a caption, describing the animal featuredand one of the threats to its survival. The hope is this will not only educateand engage the audience, but also the photographers themselves, as they arecalled upon to research and review their subjects.

“There is stilltime to make a difference” says WVI’s executive director, Olivia Walter “But it’s going to take all hands-on deck. That is why we wanted to make this competition as accessible as possible, to really drive home the message that conservation is for everyone, not just people we see on TV, and we can all get involved and do our part”.

There are six categories in the adult section, as well as separate youth and camera-phone sections, so plenty of opportunities to get involved, and all proceeds go to support the work of WVI.

What you could win

With a prize pot worth over £10,000, there is also plenty of incentive too!! Thanks to generous donations from Nikon, Gitzo, Adobe, Joby, LowePro, Ami VitalePenguin Books and Helinox.

Highlights include: a Nikon Z 6II + 24-70 mm lens, two GITZO Systematic tripod kits and a GITZO Traveler tripod kit. Younger entrants can look forward to getting to grips with one of Joby’s Gorilla Pods and aone-to-one online training session provided by Nikon School.

Winners of the adult and youth competition will be selected by a panel of six internationally acclaimedudges. Care has been taken to ensure there is a range of expertise, goodeographical representation, and that the panel is gender balanced. The camera-phone section will be judged by a public vote and 12 winning entries incorporated into a 2022 Calendar.

To find out more and to enter please see our Photography Competition Page.