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CPD training for Nepalese Wildlife Vet

Nepalese wildlife vet, Dr Amir Sadaula, has finished his first week of CPD training in the UK and we are delighted to report that it’s been a big success all round.

Amir has been getting to grips with gas anaesthesia thanks to the amazing team at the Montgomery Veterinary Clinic in Kent.

Here you can see him planning an anaesthetic with vet nurse Lucy Toombs.

Every patient is an individual so each anaesthetic needs to be thought through carefully. Even for relatively ‘routine’ procedures it’s good practice to be prepared, so the team always calculate the doses of emergency drugs like adrenaline in advance. This saves time if there are any nasty surprises and means you aren’t trying to calculate doses while doing CPR.

Thankfully, though, this anaesthetic was uneventful.

A huge thank you goes to the Montgomery Veterinary Clinic team for their warm welcome, and to Albert Waeschle for their very generous gift of a Littmann Classic III stethoscope for Amir. It is already being put to very good use. 😊

Vet nurse Lucy and principal Montgomery vet, Clive Munns, are both old friends of WVI, having helped with Painted Dog Conservation’s mobile neutering clinic in Zimbabwe in 2019. It has been lovely to renew the connection and we are extremely grateful to them for their on-going support.

Read more about Amir’s visit here: https://bit.ly/3WKs9N7