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Getting to Grips with Intubation

Getting to Grips with Intubation.

Nepalese wildlife vet, Dr Amir Sadaula, has been continuing his CPD with the team at the Montgomery Veterinary Clinic in Kent.

Intubation is a key skill when it comes to gas anaesthesia, and involves placing an endotracheal tube into the patient’s airway.

In the image above you can see Amir intubating his first cat at the Montgomery Veterinary Clinic in Kent, where he has been learning some new skills under the guidance of principal vet Clive Munns and vet nurse Lucy Toombs.

Cats can be tricky to intubate because they have a very sensitive larynx, and sometimes this can clamp shut. They are also just a lot smaller, so everything is a lot fiddlier.

Clearly Amir is a natural as he managed to get his tube in on the first attempt!

Next week he will be putting these new skills into practice on animals he is a little more familiar with, as he shadows zoo vet and WVI Veterinary Advisor, Dr Nic Masters, while he does his rounds.

A huge thanks you goes to the Montgomery VeterinaryClinic team for being so welcoming to Amir. Both Clive and Lucy are old friends of WVI and we are really grateful to them for taking the time to share their knowledge and experience with him.

This sharing of knowledge is something that will continue once Amir returns back to Nepal, and is able to pass on what he has learned to his own staff at the National Trust for Nature Conservation's wildlife hospital in Chitwan District.

Read more about Amir's visit: https://bit.ly/3WKs9N7

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