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Help for Australia

As news comes in of welcome rainfall in Australia, our thoughts here at WVI are with all those affected by the devastating bushfires, but especially with the many colleagues who are working round the clock to treat and save injured and displaced animals.

We’ve all been moved by the horrifying stories of loss – of wildlife, habitat, human lives and property. Reaching out to colleagues on the ground to see if we can help, we’ve been reassured that at the moment they have all they need to get on with the job, thanks to financial support from the government and incredible fund raising efforts from around the globe.

Sadly, the sheer scale of the destruction caused by the bushfires means that the initial emergency response will need to be followed by a concerted long-term effort to help species recover over the months and years ahead. As part of that process, WVI is standing by to share our wildlife medicine expertise wherever and whenever it’s needed, and will welcome applications for veterinary support going forward.