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New Charity Partnership with VetCT

Wildlife Vets International and VetCT Announce Charity Partnership

WVI is delighted to announce a charity partnership with VetCT. The partnership is built on a shared purpose to make world-leading veterinary expertise more accessible to animals beyond geographical and financial boundaries.

WVI provides vital veterinary training, clinical support and husbandry advice to the international conservation community.  Working in partnership with government and non-governmental organisations, they support conservation initiatives making sure they can access the best specialist veterinary expertise.

VetCT has been using technology to deliver remote clinical support and advice to local veterinary teams in remote locations since its inception 2009. By having access to the VetCT platform, the veterinary professionals who work with WVI will have the possibility to complement their own expertise with free advice from diploma-qualified specialists in every clinical discipline, from orthopaedics to exotics. This cooperation will help WVI ensure that in-country vets and biologists can deliver the best medical care and disease management practice in a conservation setting. 

Olivia Walter, WVI Executive Director, says, “WVI is delighted to partner with VetCT as a company whose vision and values are so well aligned with our own. There is a vital medical side to conservation which is all too often forgotten. This partnership will help us to ensure that veterinary expertise is delivered to the heart of conservation projects around the globe.”

VetCT is also organising fundraising activities and raising awareness of the work of WVI within the global veterinary community.

Training is a central pillar, with education embedded withinVetCT’s purpose and services and WVI providing vital training to conservation project teams. Both partners embrace the One Health concept of benefiting the human population through conservation of endangered species and their habitat, with education key to delivering understanding and positive outcomes for animal and human health and welfare.

Victoria Johnson, Founder and Director of VetCT says,“Sustainability, including conserving biodiversity, is a key focus for VetCT and supporting the work of WVI is an important contribution to the legacy we leave for future generations. As a global team we are passionate about supporting the health and welfare of animals - and the people who look after them - around the world, providing our remote veterinary expertise and education wherever it is needed.”