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Pledge Now to Help Save Endangered Species

Help protect endangered species from disease by pledging here.

WVI works with many species that are now facing severe risk from disease, including tigers, leopards, elephants, painted dogs, primates, turtles and birds.

Watch your investment in Wildlife Health quadruple through our Big Give Christmas Challenge:

Training Vets – Controlling Disease – Saving Species

Our Big Give Christmas Challenge target is £20,000 to fund a suite of projects with a common theme.Due to the pandemic we don’t know exactly how these projects will pan out over the next 18 months. However, we do know that all of them will get support from the vets remotely in one way or another.

We are looking to support a suite of projects that are equipping conservationists with skills and knowledge to survey for disease in a number of endangered species.

Our Proposal : Providing vets and conservation staff with the skills and knowledge to control disease in endangered species.

Our  Objective : We need supporters to pledge £1300 to make up a total of £5000 that will be quadrupled by the end of the Big Give Christmas Challenge. 

Your pledge will be a promise of funding, that will allow us to quadruple it by the end of the year. i.e. a £100 pledge now will turn in to £400 plus Gift Aid by the end of The Big Give Christmas Challenge. Pledges will be collected between 8th - 31st December.

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The deadline for signing up is 1700 BST on Friday 28th August.  Any amount you pledge will be collected in December, during the second part of the Big Give campaign.

Make your pledge here.

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