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School children Walk4Wildlife to break record

Did you know you can help save tigers, painted dogs, pink pigeons and many more species just by walking?

British school children attempt to become Guinness World Record holders and help save wildlife at the same time.

Do you, or any of your family and friends, have children that go to school? Do you think they would like to become Guinness™ World Record Breakers - and help us save endangered species at the same time?

If so, then Walk 4 Wildlife is the event for them! On Friday 19th May, hundreds and thousands of school children all over the UK will be attempting to set a new Guinness™ World Record by taking part in the largest sponsored walk ever held anywhere in the world. And as well as (hopefully) breaking the world record, children will also raise money for a wide range of conservation and wildlife charities - including Wildlife Vets International. You can find out more information about the walk on the Walk 4 Wildlife website.

How can my children's school take part in Walk4Wildlife?

All primary schools in the UK have been contacted by Walk 4 Wildlife with information on how to take part. However, as a belt and braces approach we would like our supporters to contact their school to encourage them to take part AND it is isn't restricted to only primary schools. If you have children that are at school, please contact the headmaster or headmistress, or your child's teacher, and ask them to register for the Schools Walk 4 Wildlife sponsored walk. When you contact the school, please ask them to raise money for Wildlife Vets International - one of over thirty conservation and wildlife charities taking part in the event. The easiest way to do this is to simply print out WVI's Walk 4 Wildlife flyer, which has all the key information about the event, and give to the headmaster or headmistress - or ask your child to give it to his or her teacher. Also please tell other parents about this event and share it on social media. The more schools that raise money, the better for wildlife! Anyone who signs up will get a comprehensive Walk Pack, but to help further, here is the registration form, guidelines to take part and leaflet to tell them about WVI or sign up here.

I don't have children that go to school. How can I help?

You can still help promote the event in lots of ways, for example:

  • If you have friends or family with primary school children, please forward them this email and ask them to contact their schools.
  • Print out a few copies of WVI's Walk 4 Wildlife flyer - and leave them in libraries, cafés, bookshops, etc.
  • Find out which schools (primary in particular) are nearest to you and send them a copy of the flyer.
  • Share news of this wildlife event on social media.
  • Sign up for Walk 4 Wildlife's other sponsored challenges - The Big 5 Walks

For the conservation of endangered wildlife!

AND everyone can sign up for one of @Walk4Widlife's Big 5 Walks

Photo credits from the top: Claire Lamb/Wildscreen exchange, Luke Massey (painted dog), John Hornbuckle (Seychelles paradise flycatcher)