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Together We DID IT!!

Together we DID IT! You are all incredible.We are lost for words.

It’s been a long and nail-biting week but…....

We’ve smashed our #thebiggive #greenmatchfund23 target and raised £10,000.

Teamwork is key, whether it is to collect all the samples we can from an anaesthetised wild animal as pictured above or to raise funds online which enabled access to fund through the @BigGiveorg, as with the #GreenMatchFund week we completed yesterday.

Veterinary expertise is needed throughout and the team is multidisciplinary and definitely includes YOU reading this article and US in the office writing this post.

The dedication of our Veterinary Partners to WVI and what we can achieve over and above what they achieve in their ‘day jobs’ is so inspiring, and we hope some of that has come through in our recent campaign. It is only matched by our audience’s receptiveness to being persuaded that vultures are very much misunderstood and are in fact unsung ecosystem heros.

We can’t wait to get started on securing a healthier future for vultures. We have some really exciting work coming up so please sign up to our newsletter to (occasionally) find out more.

In the meantime, a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU from us all at WVI, our veterinary and conservation partners, and, of course, the vultures.

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You all ROCK!