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Treading Carefully... How to X-Ray an Elephant's Foot

A bit of foot pampering is something we all enjoy…

Turns out elephants are no different. And when you weigh several thousand kilos, foot issues can be a real problem if they go undetected.

This stunning elephant is having an X-ray to make sure it’s comfortable for him to walk.

It’s all made possible thanks to the Podoblock DR skyline case donated by Podoblock BV which vet Jessica Bodgener was recently able to deliver to our colleague, Dr Amir Sadaula, in Nepal.

The special protective case means that the team at the National Trust for Nature Conservation’s wildlife hospital in Nepal can now X-ray the feet of the elephants in their care without fear of them breaking the X-ray plate. Being able to image their feet is really important in order to maximise their welfare.

Thank you Podoblock!