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We end the year on a high

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters throughout the year we have ended it on a high. We have raised £16,600 towards our #BigSix projects in 2021 through The Big Give Christmas Challenge. To remind you they are:

  • Investigating the disease risks involved in reintroducing endangered West African primates in Ghana, specifically the white-naped mangabey,
  • Investigating the disease status and threats to African forest elephants,
  • Enhancing disease surveillance protocols and techniques for species recovery programmes in Mauritius,
  • Investigating the disease status of leopards involved in human-leopard conflicts in Nepal,
  • Investigating the level of antibodies in African painted wolves vaccinated against Canine Distemper Virus over time,
  • Supporting tiger biologists and vets through the Wild Tiger Health Centre.

Thank you for being part of the puzzle.

The premature death of founder and WVI Veterinary Advisor Dr John Lewis in November was a huge blow to us all. It was John's belief that successful conservation can only be sustainable with the transfer of knowledge from 'experts' like him to those on the front line conserving endangered species every day. This belief is core to WVI and while we miss John as a colleague as well as his guidance, we look forward to carrying his legacy forward with these projects and others in 2021.

Photo credit: SagarGiri, founder of i click for conservation.