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Win a beautiful portrait of Igor and Anoushka

To mark Global Tiger Day, we’re giving you a chance to win this stunning portrait of Amur tigers, Igor and Anoushka, by Wildlife Artist of the Year 2022 finalist and former Colchester Zoo keeper, Rachael Robinson.


Get all the details of how to take part here: https://bit.ly/3oC3Z7x

Rachael has very generously donated the first print in a limited run of 80 in memory of WVI founder and passionate tiger advocate, DrJohn Lewis. John worked very closely with Igor and Anoushka as part of his work supporting the health of all animals at Colchester.

 Remembering John, Rachael says:

 “John had such a huge influence on my career as a keeper andI would love to help continue to honour his work. I’ll forever miss the stories he’d tell. He was a remarkable man who taught me so much. I worked with him for six years and his teaching was invaluable to me and to all my colleagues. Donating the print is a thank you for the time John spent talking to me and teaching me about veterinary medicine. He always had time to talk through what he was doing and why.”


What difference will buying my ticket make?

Apart from the chance to win this gorgeous picture, you will be helping continue the work John pioneered in tiger conservation.. The passing on of knowledge and sharing of expertise has always been central to everything we do here at WVI and was something John believed in above all else.

We are currently finalising plans that will enable more wildlife vets working in tiger range states to get invaluable training they just wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

Every £300 we raise means one more wildlife vet can attend a bespoke workshop on wild tiger health.

In many tiger range states, there are no formal training opportunities for wildlife health professionals. People working on the conservation frontline have to learn on the job, often without anyone to support or guide them. The fact that local vets are rarely trained in wildlife medicine is often overlooked by traditional conservation partners and organisations.

Who are Igor and Anoushka?

As for Igor and Anoushka themselves, Anoushka was born atLinton Zoo in July 2004 and Igor was born at Vienna Zoo in 2005. Both arrived at Colchester when they were each about a year old, and shared their lives until Igor’s passing in 2021. Head keeper, Angela, says:

“They always got along well. Noush knew when to stay out ofIgor’s way, but you would often find them lying and sleeping together. She is very much a princess, who doesn’t like getting wet or dirty, whereas Igor didn’t care and was quite scruffy during the wet winter.”

More about Rachael and her work

A huge thank you goes to Rachael for this very generous gesture.The original was drawn using coloured pencils and took 84 hours to complete.The fine art 1st edition print is 14x20 inches in size and comes professionally backed and mounted. It is printed on archival paper, using fine art inks. Rachael would expect it to retail at well over £200.

Rachael is self-taught, having taken up art during the 2020lockdown to help support her mental health. Find out more about her work on her website: www.rrobinsonart.co.uk

She also thanks Jamie Reeve Photography and Kim Johnston Photography for use of the reference photos.