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BBC Dynasties and painted wolves

David Attenborough’s epic new series “Dynasties” will feature the subject of WVI’s The Big Give Christmas challenge; the African painted wolf*.  From the team behind Blue Planet, the series kicks off this Sunday, November 11th on BBC One,  David Attenborough will highlight the challenges and extraordinary lifestyles of 5 of the worlds most celebrated yet endangered species, including the painted wolf (or painted dog), a species that WVI is proud to support.

Our Christmas Challenge runs from November 27th to December 4th and all donations during this period are DOUBLED. We are raising funds to help teams working to protect and conserve painted wolves in Zimbabwe, where they have the most chance of surviving.  

For just a taste of why we think the painted wolf deserves our attention, (and David Attenborough clearly agrees!) take a look at the trailer#1 and Trailer#2 for the new series.  

We can’t wait!


* The African painted wolf is also called the African painted dog, African wild dog, African hunting dog, Cape hunting dog amongst others..... fortunately it only has one scientific name: Lycaon pictus

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