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The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically exposed the links between endangered species, the illegal wildlife trade and the emergence of new deadly diseases. Never has it been more important for veterinary medicine to be right at the heart of conservation.

It’s a complicated puzzle – WVI provides the expertise that is the missing piece in the understanding of how animal, human and environmental health fit together.  

Whether it’s tigers in the Russian Far East, parakeets in Mauritius or turtles in the Mediterranean, we are there training people on the conservation front line to monitor, diagnose and treat disease.  

For the moment, coronavirus has changed how we all live and work.  But we still need to need to train and advise the conservation community. Your support now will allow us to continue exploring new ways of working with our partners, like the virtual Wild Tiger Health Centre for example.

The challenges to global health can seem overwhelming. But there is hope. We can still deliver solutions that can have real impact.  

Invest in wildlife health today to complete the conservation puzzle tomorrow.