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December's Wildlife Creation: Amur Leopard Baubles

This is WVI's Trustee Louise Heathcote latest Wildlife Creation that WVI supporters can have fun with.

To celebrate the revamping of our Amur leopard project page, Louise has designed some fabulous Christmas baubles.

Please share your creations with us by posting pictures on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

"This month we are inspired by WVI’s commitment to protecting the rarest big cat in the world – the Amur Leopard" says WVI's Trustee Louise Heathcote; WVI is providing the essential veterinary support and training for Amur leopard conservation activities.

There are estimated to be just 25 to 35 Amur leopards left in Russia’s southwest Primorski Krai. This is largely as a result of poaching of both the cat and its prey and fragmentation and degradation of its habitat by activities such as logging and forest fires and potential disease transmission from domestic animals. Listed as Critically Endangered, the future of the Amur leopard rests on conservation activities to protect the existing small population, plus an ambitious long-term project to establish a second population in former leopard habitat in the southern Sikhote-Alin mountain region. "WVI spear headed the most comprehensive disease risk assessment that has ever been done for a big cat. Measures can now be taken to ensure that disease doesn't threaten the very exciting reintroduction project" says Louise. "These baubles are a fun reminder of the amazing wildlife we have on our planet. Just think, Father Christmas will deliver to children living with Amur leopards before anyone else!" Decoupage is a great way to turn simple cheap baubles, into unique decorations. Whether you hang them on your tree, display them in a bowl or attach them to gifts, these baubles might just be the finishing touch to your Christmas. Inspired by the elegant Amur Leopard

You will need:

  • Cheap non-shatter baubles (Recycle old ones)
  • White or cream tissue paper
  • Leopard print, decoupage or tissue paper 
  • PVA glue & brush
  • Gold Glitter Glue pen or similar.
  • Gold Satin Ribbon
  • Plastic sheet or a thick carrier bag


  • Tear your white/cream tissue paper into pieces of approx 2cm/1 inch, don’t cut it with scissors.
  • Paint a little of your bauble with PVA glue and add a piece of the white tissue, now paint over the piece with even more PVA glue. Don’t worry too much if you have creases and wrinkles, in some ways this adds to the overall effect.
  • Continue this way until you have covered the bauble. Allow to dry on a plastic bag or sheet – you don’t want any sticking!
  • You may need to repeat this process if the bauble has a very bright colour, the aim is to create a neutral surface.
  • Tear your leopard print paper into 2cm / 1 inch pieces. Cover your now dry bauble in the patterned paper using the same method as with the white/cream.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Apply the gold glitter glue as desired and allow to dry.
  • Attach the gold ribbon to the top and tie a bow.