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Earth Hour 2021

Will you be switching off your lights for #EarthHour tonight?

This year, Earth Hour is asking people to watch and share this short video, which highlights the links between pandemics like Covid-19, biodiversity loss and climate change:

“When we destroy nature and take over natural habitats, we break the healthy balance and boundaries of the natural world, forcing wildlife into closer contact with each other, our livestock and people. All this makes it easier for diseases to spread between animals, and to us.”

Wherever you are, you can join others around the world to highlight the important of putting concern for nature, biodiversity loss and extinction at the centre of everything we all do.

To take part, turn off your lights for 60 minutes, at 2030 local time.

Now in its 15th year, Earth Hour is a chance to remind world leaders and other decision-makers around the globe that urgent action needs to be taken to reverse nature loss.

There’s more information here on how climate change is contributing to rising rates of emerging infectious disease:

“Once new diseases are let loose in our environment, changing temperatures and precipitation are also changing how those diseases spread — and not for the better.”

This affects every species on the planet, ourselves included.