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Sea Turtles are Facing A Crisis

 Our Big Give #ChristmasChallenge is now LIVE!

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Together we can ensure a better future for turtles and help keep our oceans healthy.

Sea turtles are facing a crisis.  

These innocent victims of plastic pollution need your help.  

Please get ready to help save more sick and injured turtles, so they can recover and return to the wild to play their part in the survival of their incredible species.  

Our Big Give Christmas Challenge will run from Tuesday 28th of November to Tuesday 5th December. Whatever you can give will be DOUBLED and go twice as far towards saving some of the world’s most endangered animals.  

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 Every £ raised during our Christmas Challenge goes towards unlocking our £20k of matched funds. Please get ready to help us reach our £40k target.  

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Examining a turtle using portable ultra-sound at the ARCHELON Rescue Centre in Greece.

 Plastic pollution is just one of the threats these magnificent animals are facing. But it’s not just about the turtles themselves. They are also defenders of ocean health. Protecting them helps protect our oceans, benefitting all of us who share our amazing planet.  

 How do turtles make our oceans healthier? Through their grazing and foraging habits, green turtles influence the growth of sea grass, which is an important carbon sink and nursery habitat for fish and other marine life. Other turtle species play different but equally important roles in ecosystem health. Find out more.  

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Marine specialist vet, Tania Monreal, operating on turtle Valentine to remove a large fishing hook stuck in her oesophagus. This was a difficult operation as there was fishing line still attached to the hook, but fortunately the surgery went well and Valentine passed the remaining line several days later. She is now safely back in the ocean.
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The hook being pulled out of Valentina's throat at ARCHELON Sea Turtle Rescue Centre

Tragically, the many threats turtles face today include getting trapped in discarded fishing gear, swallowing fishing hooks, being hit by boat propellors, or eating plastic waste, all of which can result in horrific injuries and internal damage. Find out more. Worryingly for all of us, evidence suggests that ingesting micro plastics causes cellular damage, resulting in many health issues and a good chance that a turtle will end up in a rescue centre. Read more.  

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Matthew Rendle RVN helping a critically ill turtle at the ARCHELON Rescue Centre in Greece.


This is where we step in! We are on a mission to empower dedicated veterinarians and rehabilitators who work tirelessly with endangered species like sea turtles. Find out more. These unsung heroes need specialised skills to nurse sick and injured turtles back to health, and that's where your support is crucial. Be part of our mission by donating during our Big Give Christmas Challenge. 

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Leatherback turtle in Ghana who had strayed into a mangrove swamp but was successfully returned to the sea by the Ghanaian Wildlife Division. Matthew Rendle RVN is working with government vets to find out more about why a high number of turtles are stranding.  

We are committed to helping turtle rescue centres develop cutting-edge veterinary techniques and top-notch husbandry practices. Read more.

Our goal? To ensure that every rescued turtle has the best chance of returning to the wild, thriving in their natural habitat, and contributing to the ocean's vitality.  

By donating during our Big Give Christmas Challenge, you're not just helping us train more vets and rehabilitators; you're safeguarding the well-being of some of the planet’s most endangered species, like these majestic turtles. You're giving them the fighting chance they deserve – a chance to recover from the perils of plastic pollution and be part of a brighter, healthier future for our oceans.  

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We are passionate about sharing expertise with local rescue centres and rehabbers. Here vet Tania Monreal is talking about turtle medicine to representatives from Mediterranean Rescue Centres.

Donate during our Christmas Challenge and be part of an inspiring journey to protect and preserve our amazing wildlife. Together we can make waves of change!  

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