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What do I do if I find a young bird left on its own?

Do you know your nestlings from your fledglings?

As bird nesting season continues here in the UK, here’s a quick reminder from WVI Veterinary Partner, Ashley Clayton, about what you should do if you come across a young bird that appears to be away from its nest or parents: https://bit.ly/46I8Zwv

Ashley is also the vet at Folly Wildlife Rescue, so very used to dealing with all sorts of local wildlife.

When it comes to birds, Ashley has five questions you need to ask yourself in order to decide on the best course of action.

Never forget that birds always do best if they can be raised in the wild by their parents. But sometimes intervention is necessary if the bird is injured, orphaned or in obvious danger.

Thank you Ashley!

You can find local rehabilitators here: https://www.bwrc.org.uk/rehabilitators/

And there's a written version of Ashley's advice here: https://vethelpdirect.com/vetblog/2021/04/18/should-i-rescue-lost-baby-birds/