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WVI's New Celebrity Supporter: Rebecca Black

We are so pleased to welcome Rebecca Black as our new celebrity Wildlife Vets International supporter!


She is helping us to share our message that veterinary medicine is vital to wildlife conservation work being carried out world wide. Rebecca is one of those people that inspires! She had a viral music hit when she was 13, the famous 'FRIDAY' and  has gone on to create a career in music and on social media, with millions of people following her.  She has just released a new single called The Great Divide.  She is still only 19. With her dad owning his own veterinary practice and her mum being a veterinary specialist in internal medicine, Rebecca has a very special reason for supporting veterinary medicine in conservation. She was brought up around animals, and is passionate about using her voice to help make a difference. Enjoy her first video about her work with us on her YouTube channel, where she met with Dr. John Lewis onsite at a sanctuary for big cats in England. Sign up to our newsletter, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram