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Young Supporters Raise Funds to Save Species

Young supporters Raise Funds to Save Endangered Species

We love it when young people are inspired by what we do! Last year, Grace and Lyra from Oxfordshire decided to fundraise for WVI after seeing wildlife vets in action on David Attenborough’s Dynasty TV series. They raised an amazing £450 which will go directly to train frontline conservationists and vets. Thank you so much for choosing us!

The girls, who are school students in Year 4 and Year 9, told us why they picked WVI, what they did, and the other causes they support:

How did you find out about Wildlife Vets International?

We found out about WVI after watching one of David Attenborough’s Dynasty programmes. It was the episode when the lion cub got poisoned and some wildlife vets came to try and save it. Unfortunately, it was too late and the cub died.

Why did you raise money for WVI?

We wanted to raise money forWVI because there are too many animals around the world facing extinction. We wanted to help these animals and make sure they survive into the future.

Do you think the work WVI does is important?

We think the work that you do is important because animals should come before people as so many different species are threatened due to increases in human population, climate change and habitat destruction.

How did you raise money?

We had a garage sale and we asked if people would like to donate some things for us to sell. We also made and sold jam and donated money from cat sitting. Altogether we raised £450.

Do you raise money for other causes too?

This year we are raising money for a local cat rescue charity and will be holding another garage sale, selling more homemade jam and doing more pet sitting. In the past, we have also raised money for Namibian desert elephants and WWF.

What do your friends and family think about your fundraising?

Our friends and family are very proud of our fundraising activities and encourage us to do more to help animals around the world. Some friends are also impressed that we don’t keep the money ourselves - we say that it is more important to help others than yourself. Keep up the great work Wildlife Vets International!

A huge thank you to Grace and Lyra! We will make sure we keep you up to date with our projects and the work we are doing to train more vets around the world to help save species.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to do some fund raising for us we would love to hear from you. WVI is a small charity with minimal admin costs so donations really do go directly to help train people working on the conservation frontline.